TYLOR is a brand known to assist both Corporations and Individuals ACTUALIZE their life goals and success.

He is a Success Actualization Expert, with practical understanding of human psychology and how to use it to inspire individuals to achieve the perceived impossible.
His services have been employed by individuals and some corporations in Nigeria, where he has taught on different Life-Skills on how to achieve maximum success and peak performance.

He has been engaged by organisations in Insurance, Banking and Telecoms to teach their people on how to live a life of fulfillment and Success.

Some of the companies that have encountered him are Sovereign Trust Insurance, Skye Bank, Mansard Insurance Plc, IGI Plc, Main One Cable Telecomms e.t.c.

He has assisted many realize their potentials on his Success Actualization Platforms called ACTIV8 and SAGE, where he teaches regularly on how to realize any goal you set or desire in every area of your life.

With life changing tools and skill set, he can help you make a turn around in your life within the shortest time possible.

Find out more about him using google: SearchTemitayo "TYLOR" Ilori and discover some more interesting stuffs about him.

Connect with him on Twitter @REAL_TYLOR