POWER & PURPOSE is the theme of ACTIV8 7.0, the 7th Edition of the Success Actualization Conference whose focus is helping individuals develop a greater awareness of the genius he is capable of and deploying such for better personal, organizational and national leadership and governance. In this edition, you will learn the 2 fundamental principles upon which great personal and institution greatness is established.

This is the question to explore in the next ACTIV8.
1.What is power and how can I develop and build institutions?
2. What is purpose and how am I related to it?

When you find an answer to this, you will unlock your hidden genius to function at the highest level possible in:

1. Career & Ministry
2. Business
3. Relationships
4. Sales
5. Marriage
6. Finance
7. Leadership & Governance

The central aim of the ACTIV8 REvolution is to WAKE up the LEADER in your genetic makeup.||

You have the power to become the individual that manifest at the highest level of profitability in any environment (Institutions and Nations) you find yourself.

Here are the foundational principles we are dealing with:

In this particular ACTIV8 we are exploring the UNTOLD principles of GOVERNANCE to give leaders a holistic approach to deriving meaning from their works and to meaningful engage their work from the heart to better serve themselves and the institutions they work for profitably.

What are you waiting for? The tool is here and it is free. Just come take it.

Protea Hotel, Lekki || 10 am || 21 June 2014 || RSVP 01-4540390 , @ACTIV8ng

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Attend ACTIV8 7.1

Theme: Conscious Execution - Personal Power Actualization

Venue: Protea Hotel, Oakwood Park, Chevron RoundAbout, Lekki

Time: 10 a.m.

Date: 15th of March 2014

For more information, call 01-4540390 or follow us on Twitter @ACTIV8ng





No great cause is achieved alone. if you believe in humanity and you have the passion to change the world, you are the person we are looking for.
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ACTIV8 brand is to assist individuals, corporations and nations get in touch with the genius and intuitive spirit within them. And this will be made possible by presenting practical principles, well researched approaches and superior intelligence in all fields of life possible, in a pragmatic way that will cause people to begin to manifest superior realities.

The ACTIV8 approach is not “Motivational Speaking” as this has been found to be inadequate to push people to success. The approach, reaches beneath the surface and touches on some deep and profound principles laced with techniques and applied sciences.

It is a platform that deals with the unification of Body-Mind-Spirit, (what we call the 4th Dimension) and makes it possible to once and for all to fulfill THE REAL INTENT behind the GREATEST INVENTION called MAN.

Visionary, ACTIV8 Nigeria

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